Gielinor Gazette February 2022

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Copy/pasting what I have written in the survey:
(Also, I gave 10 for all, except the dwarf quests and Mahjarrat that received 9 and While Guthix Sleeps that received 7.)

"Since porting makes quest come much earlier, it's an acceptable trade-off for that the quests won't feel entirely new this way. Land of the Goblins was improved and old-schooled perfectly. I'm also really excited for The Chosen Commander, Path of Glouphrie, the pirate quests and especially for the craze of craziness, Nomad's Requiem. The last dwarf quests were not too bad, but they weren't exactly old-school quality, especially with the anticlimatic handwave ending. At least that ending should be changed. While Guthix Sleeps and the Mahjarrat quests are anothe thing. The Mahjarrat storyline promised so much before 2007, but as the secrets got revealed one by one, they turned out to be really anticlimatic and then what they became in RS3 that's just wrong. Still, a not too old-schoolish While Guthix Sleeps maybe better than none, just please remove the "just for show" premonitions, like the dialogue while the last boss fight. Actually, that one even shold be changed from that childish "now I'm god but not really" setting."

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Question for Q&A: Will there be a poll containing all 56 quests that could be backported to OSRS or will this be stripped down significantly as seen by the quests mentioned in the Gazette and are further quests not or barely considered for polling?

Personally, I would aim for more backports than the ones mentioned in the Gazette, but I definitely agree some of these 56 quests (looking at you Oo'glog) are best left out.

I believe backporting a lot of quests to wrap up questlines will help clarify storylines for players that were not around at that time. In this sense, I find it highly likely that this will improve the new player experience and a game always needs to have a good new player experience and high player retention if it wants to have longevity.

As far as backporting additional quests, I think it makes sense to create some kind of quest introducing the Corporeal Beast to make it fit with the lore, doesn't have to be completely similar to the Summer quests, since they were not received amazingly well.
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