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1. I think jagex needs to give their new employees a lesson on how OSRS works, or at least teach them how to reference the OSRS wiki. Claiming that 3 bar rune item smithing is 290-310kxp/h is ridiculous. Actual rates are 180-210xp/h, depending on where you smith. The proposed rates (276kxp/h) will make the foundry better than everything but sweaty, 0-tick gold bars at bf with goldsmith gauntlets.

2. What does 'an extra bit of completion per outfit piece' even mean? (smith outfit perk)

3. I don't understand the logic of trying to remove gp from the game through a GE tax while proposing to add more gp back into the game by offering it as a reward in a new minigame.

4. Why does every skill need a skilling outfit?

5. The smithing catalyst bank at BF will make bar smelting (steel - runite) at BF rival or surpass 3-bar rune item smithing in terms of smithing xp/h.

Tbh, I'm not a huge fan of this minigame-scape theme emerging. Seems like Jagex wants minigame skilling to eclipse normal skilling, particularly with the proposed xp rates on the minigames. I personally like skilling the way it is and it seems like this tsunami of content could be better thought out and/or implemented.

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I agree with everything the previous person said.

It really does seem like Jagex is trying to take the "old school" out of OSRS. I strongly disagree with the "minigame-centric" focus that's taking hold. It's taking the game in the wrong direction.

Runescape has a virtual world with an economy, resources, and community. Any time a "special new minigame" is added as a training method, it detracts from that world. Smithing *already has* a "special minigame offering a fast way to train". It's called the blast furnace.

This doesn't address the underlying issue with the smithing skill. The issue is that smithing hasn't really been relevant since RS1. The time, effort, and cost required to be able to make equipment doesn't match the game progression of the player using that equipment. Any update to smithing should focus on the relevance of the skill, not the ways in which it is trained.

As a general rule, *please* stop pushing new minigames, especially as training methods. Wintertodt, that runecrafting thing, and now this smithing thing are all taking this game in the wrong direction.

Focus on "rebalancing for relevence" and integrating content with the rest of the runescape world instead of introducing a hermetically-sealed "special new place to train the skill that's unrelated to anything else anywhere"

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ironáitg said:

As a general rule, *please* stop pushing new minigames, especially as training methods. Wintertodt, that runecrafting thing, and now this smithing thing are all taking this game in the wrong direction.

On the contrary, such updates are very much necessary. Whilst the most important update that Smithing needs is indeed one of relevance and a reason to train and use the skill, the general status of the game as it was in 2007 is pretty bad. Whilst the Wintertodt has major design flaws, it's fun to play and is a good way of making money and training boring skills such as Firemaking and Fletching on the side. The runecrafting minigame is one of the best updates of the last couple of years: it's very fun, the rewards are good and it reinvigorated arguably the most awful skill in the entire game.

That said, I do agree that the such minigame-esque updates should not wholly replace the skill and that they should integrate well with the rest of the game. For Guardians of the Rift, this was masterfully executed. The Giants' Foundry seems to be interesting in terms of gameplay, but the rewards require some tweaking to make sense in terms of the r˘le of Smithing in the game.

The concept of such a training method, however, is very much a good addition to the game. In RS2, Smithing was equally awful until the Artisans' Workshop at least added a decent way of training (even if the skill remained irrelevant). The Lava-flow Mine made Mining more bearable, and the Herblore Habitat is a fun way of (mainly) training Hunter. OS has made similarly styled good updates such as the Motherlode Mine and Mahogany Homes.
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