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May Member 2022


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Voting yes for the staff, but I'd much rather see the harmonised orb be buffed. I cannot even discern a difference in DPS between harm and sang at most bosses. A 700m raid reward. The tome requirement renders it useless for PVP and the sang is infinitely more useful for PVM. A new staff will only cement its fate. Tome should not be required for harm. If I go to PVP with max mage gear and harm I get destroyed 100% of the time by pure meleers and pure rangers in what is essential rag gear. What happened to the combat triangle? At least make magic remotely viable as a combat style (beyond just one new weapon).

ANYWAYS, with regards to the poll, everyone should be voting for this staff in place of Heka. Raw DPS isn't the issue with magic in a PVM setting. Because the harmonised staff can hang with any BIS weapon *where magic is viable*. The issue is that magic is viable hardly anywhere due to high mage defense of most bosses. This staff would solve that and make mage suitable at GWD and places where it isn't. The Heka is only a buff to the few places where magic can already be used. Lame.

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Come on, just make Breech of the Scarab tradable. You make two raids with bonkers amounts of loot, and now lock every player that does not have time to dedícate to group activities out of accessing this reward. This sucks.

I wanted a cool keris upgrade for a long time. Leading up to ToA, I finally renounced my ironman status so I could enjoy gear from group content, and now I get notified that this one reward will be untradable for no good reason. Just great. I don't have time for group activities. Thanks for further alienating me.

14-May-2022 22:32:35

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I hope my little voice will be heard.

Rune Pouch:I like the idea of upgrading the rune pouch but after unlocking the Arceuus spell book I feel that the rune pouch should be able to hold 5 runes! So I think a common needle for 4 rune and a rare needle for 5 would be a neat idea and if used when pking will create more risk. Maybe a super rare for 6?

New Consumable/prayer: We need a new prayer released from this raid. Don't really have my finger on it but from 77-99 there are no prayers... That should be looked into and perhaps a x4 rapid restore that can stack with regen bracelet or 99 hp cape? Maybe a protect 2 items Prayer? Run restore prayer? I'm just throwing out ideas but please give us some new consumables and please find something to do with extra consumables to keep their value up.

Magic Staff:I 100% agree that the best weapon from this should be a staff. To be honest I like the idea of both staffs presented but it seems like we are backtracking now as the art work for the Heka staff and it looked great. Also I loved that it had a different effect based on the spell book you were on, so please keep that idea based on what you decide on.

New Blessings: Also I think this would be a great opportunity to make a new equitable item to go into the blessing slot. Some kind of passive effect blessings would be awesome to have, and there could be a lot of room for creativity there.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post

-The Deacon

16-May-2022 19:49:49

Lewis Shoot
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Lewis Shoot

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Shadow of Tumeken
On one hand this is great for keeping current magic items up to date however on the other it will buff all magic. I imagine that means any future magic items will also be buffed by this staff. Unless future magic items can mitigate the effect, this staff will be a constant power creep for any magic update.
That being said I think I prefer it over the Heka

Osmumten's Fang
I already thought this fang was powerful and looking at the graph it's a straight buff to the original design. It's worrying to see how quickly it overtakes the rapier, which is pretty powerful to begin with. The only solace I can take from this is that there is room for new monster types in game. Perhaps you can elaborate on ideas for these.

Thread of Elidinis
I like the idea of having to work for a high level upgrade to the rune pouch and would possibly even support up to 5 slots, as long as it's rare enough. My main opposition is that the rune pouch doesn't come from anything at all related to this content.
That being said I originally got mine buying BH statuettes, you can get them from LMS and from slayer. None of these seem like a great place to get the upgrade. Has anyone got any other ideas for places this could come from?

Breach of the Scarab
I really like the idea for upgrading weapons, like the Keris Partisan within the raid. Whilst I have concerns about lots of these being available in the overworld, I think it's a nice boost to the rewards. Playing kalphitey content to get an upgrade to fighting kalphites.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
I'm Lewis, I play Old School & I've been playing since 2005.

16-May-2022 20:27:38

Sei Asagiri
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Sei Asagiri

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I do think mage needs a scythe level item, but idk if this is it. (I voted yes anyway)

New spear change sounds good, but I think it makes rapier too unappealing. Make it a crush weapon instead--we need more crush weapons.

Thread of El... HUGE NO. I'd love a rune pouch upgrade, but locking it behind the raid as an rng drop? Absolutely not. *maybe* if it was guaranteed drop after ONE raid I'd think it's ok, but I barely ever get the opportunity to raid and locking such an important upgrade behind the new content as an rng drop is a horrendous idea.

I like the idea of breach, especially if it could make kalphite monsters weaker (KQ does so much damage since it literally ignores your armor, so a high tier weapon that doesn't rely on spec to reduce KQ's damage output would be cool).

27-May-2022 06:09:03

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