New Client Update: Clue Scroll

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This thread is for discussing the most recent game update which you can find here.

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Cant wait to see and use the Clue Helper. Im so excited to see it as ive only ever used the Official Client so these new features are very new to me. Wish i hadnt done my Hard Clue last night ^_^^_^. Im sure it wont be long until i get another clue.

Thank you and stay safe.

27-Jul-2022 12:23:52

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Hey, IronEphraim!

Firstly, welcome to the forums! According to the Q&A Summary from July 21st, there was no mention of any puzzle box helper being added. But don't fret, since the Clue Scroll Helper basically has all the other features included, it shouldn't be long until the team adds a puzzle box helper too. That's what I think at least. It only makes sense to do so, right? :P

29-Jul-2022 12:36:57

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This weeks update feels like it should have brought me on the C++ client more but it's actually pushed me back to the java client and possibly runelite. I'll tell you why and I hope you can take steps to bring me back to the C++ client.

I've been using the steam client since it was released in beta in 2020, only really using runelite during the last league. I've really enjoyed the client and think you've been made great changes to it. I deplore these changes being made without a poll however I understand the reasoning to compete with runelite and get more players on the official client. I've also appreciated that everything has been made togglable until today.

A very simple change of making all the tooltips consistent completely threw me off guard. I'm used to the old game frame, with the whiteish tooltips that stay aligned especially on the stats UI. Please can you add a toggle for this to return back to normal.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
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30-Jul-2022 18:00:16

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