Wilderness Boss Rework Design

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We want to deliver a proper multi-combat group boss experience, with interesting mechanics, the ability to keep topped up between kills in case PvP combat breaks out, and rewards that make the risk worth taking.

The blog mentions the "ability to be topped up" in the intro and then never brings it up again. Is the implication being that the bosses are going to have a ton more food and supply drops? Are these drop changes going to be polled or just forced into the game?

Will the weaker variant of the bosses count for achievement diaries? Or only the multi-combat variant? Does this mean someone that wants to kill all three for the achievement diary needs to bring 150k gp, 50k for each boss?
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Seems like everyones issue is the multi aspect. Could you guys explore the idea of capping the amount of players allowed in each boss cave? Otherwise this is just another example of the Rev Caves from a few years ago...

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I really like your ideas.

But multi cave could bring lot of problems.

Why not make the npcs multi so group of ppl can tackle them together and make the pvp inside the cave single or single+. That in my opinion would bring the best of both worlds.

Thank you for your consideration,
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My concern is the Achievement Diary, so I'll just refer you to the point above. As someone who isn't great at bossing and who struggled with the minor ones (and more) the idea of having to go in with a group - I'm a solo player, too - and fight a harder boss isn't really a draw.

Obviously putting them in the lower half of the wildy, etc makes them more palatable but my only interest in them would be for the purpose of completing that AD only.

18-Aug-2022 17:18:52

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I just want to say that I think you've all done an amazing job on getting this out with such detail. In my opinion (and I'm sure people will disagree) - this is always what the wildy bosses needed to be.

It doesn't need to be 10M GP/h, it simply needs to be as good as other high end money makers while being a lot more accessible. I will say however, that this does create a very real worry for gold farmers/bots there.

I think the mechanics/design of it all looks incredible though, truly fantastic work.

One final thing thats worth bringing up though: Now the wilderness weapons are getting some love, I think its really worth looking hard at their drop rates. It's no secret that they're unreasonably rare, nowhere else in the game are you having to grind 24k kill count for a single specific drop. Especially when the drop is very niche (and still needs to be maintained by recharging too). Even at a lower drop rate you still have to maintain kc there to charge them either way. So them being such an insanely rare item seems a little bit much.

The add-ons to the wildy weapons seem like such a cool concept, I just don't want to see them be dead content for most irons because its such an unreasonable grind.

I love the wilderness content. I love the risk. I don't mind dying there because its all part of the fun you sign up for going in. But I don't think that having the weapons at such high drop rates does anything but deter people from going to get them. Those weapons should be accessible to irons and normal players alike. Cheap enough to buy & expensive enough to charge. Just for reference: instead of having the rate at 1/24k and having an individual weapon at around 1/10k drop rate from revenant orks (skulled) would make it around a 100 hour grind. Thats the equivalent of getting your BIS armours from both bandos and armadyl, for a niche wilderness weapon that needs recharging. I'd personally say thats more than fair.

Just some food for though. Much love.

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Honestly, I've always liked the simplicity of the old models. While Vet'ion was just a re-used asset from the Legends' quest, it has always been reminiscent of the simplicity that was Old School RuneScape. This new, updated version removes that aspect entirely and it's something I have noticed with more recent (and upcoming: Raids 3) content as well. Don't get me wrong, the art looks terrific; however, it does look a bit out of place in a game like Old School RuneScape.

18-Aug-2022 21:43:11

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Rather than having different versions of the same boss at different levels of wilderness, I think it would be better if there was one KBD style lever, where you would choose between the regular multi lair, and a solo instanced one.

Better still, make the instanced solo one the same as KBD where the actual boss room is not wilderness, so you can teleport out. I mean, you’re suggesting these easier versions to cater to the pet hunters / collection loggers amongst us, so you might as well do it right. Maybe make this solo lair more expensive (200k?) entrance fee, that has to be paid in gold directly from the inventory, so getting to the solo lair carries a risk, but is safe once inside.

I appreciate that it’s impossible to fix now, but in my opinion, wilderness content should not have pets. The attraction to the wilderness should be purely GP/HR, which should be substantially higher than any content outside. That way, anyone entering the wilderness is doing it because they want to, not because they are forced to as a completionist.. After maxing, pet hunting becomes the go to goal for a lot of players, so you end up forced into the wilderness against your will in effect. This is why you get toxicity between PVMers and PKers. Black chins is a great example of good wilderness content. Red chins exist, but if you want the better profit, it comes with a risk. But black chins aren’t absolutely necessary if you’re a completionist. That’s how all wilderness content should be in my opinion.

19-Aug-2022 05:12:45

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Already hyped for this much needed rework absolutly love the return of a reworked korasi sword but shouldn't there be some requirement to it then just having 75 attack? O_o

Currently the wilderness bosses are spread out over the wilderness won't it make other parts of the wilderness dead if all 3 mayor bosses are now in one cave?
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