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Mod Sarnie

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We’re making moves this week with D&I changes, Halloween buffs, and two new quests for you to speedrun!

Check out what we're offering from this week's update in Game Update newspost.

09-Nov-2022 10:53:23

Sam Bridges
Nov Member 2022

Sam Bridges

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Thank you for trashing what was left of OSRS, I could’ve tolerated some of these “diversity changes” but changing ALL NPCs around RuneScape?! Who gave you that right to turn this game further away from oldschool? I officially quit and you’ll never be receiving any more money from me. I’m extremely disappointed Jagex. Bye.

Edit: Yeah, you guys screwed this game up BIG TIME. Changing nearly all Ardy citizens to be female, tell me what was the point of that? To make the game less of what we knew and to make more murderable women? You guys have LOST a customer of nearly 2 decades.

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Srta Halibut
Jun Member 2022

Srta Halibut

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With the changes to the marriage in Throne of Miscellania, will people who have already finished the quest have any opportunity to change their arrangements? Not that it matters ultimately, but, just curious.

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Jul Member 2006


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"We’re still working on more Diversity and Inclusion changes, but we’re not quite ready to talk about them just yet. Keep your ears to the ground on that one!"

Nice vague threat, you meatheads ruin the game more every week - with or without polling.

09-Nov-2022 12:25:50

Lewis Shoot
Oct Member 2005

Lewis Shoot

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At the risk of sounding like a moron, can you explain how and why these changes will help with diversity and inclusion?
Can you also explain where everything fits in the polling charter?

I'm all for diversity and inclusion however the lack of reasoning behind the changes have left me confused and I'm worried the game has fallen into a naive prejudice.

- Free character changes
I understand making a gender change more accessible, especially because the make over mage seems to be a very fluid and free character. I do not understand why any other shop would also become free.

- Kingdom of Miscellania
I understand being able to marry either gender, however I do not understand befriending to inherit a medieval kingdom.

- Recruitment Drive
I can't comment on the new puzzle however I don't understand the removal of the old puzzle. It's was a fun nod to a great moment from LOTR.

- Consortium companies
Another one I don't understand. There were plenty of companies to chose from including 1 for male and 1 for female.

- The Feud
I understand the perspective that having 1 name for a group of people could be seen as prejudice, however I never saw the game like that because it was only 1 town. Perhaps because I first encountered it when I was young but I thought it was a town that had funny naming traditions.
Looking at the new names they're all completely different. This really draws your attention to the old names being off. If they were similar/contained Ali then it could have been a funny quirk of the town, like the seers in seers village or the knight names in falador. This is exacerbated with a number of Alis still around without new names.

- H.A.M members
I understand making male/female members on the same footing however it feels a progression step is missing. Could you revert the HAM members to 18.5 XP but make a slightly higher tier HAM official available at level 20 with 22.2 XP?

- Barbarian keys
I understand this one
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
I'm Lewis, I play Old School & I've been playing since 2005.

09-Nov-2022 12:39:09

Lewis Shoot
Oct Member 2005

Lewis Shoot

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- Varrock guards
I'm not sure how this is even a diversity and inclusion change.
This feels anti old school and against the new polling charter. The guard model is an iconic old school model that we have voted to keep in the past. This is exactly the type of graphical update you said you'd poll.

- Diverse citizens
Running about it looks like you've changed the gender and race of some guards, mostly in the F2P area.
Perhaps it's because I'm used to the way it was before but it feels weird. Why would a medieval society have an even split between the gender of it's guards? Most settlements have dominant races so are the new guards from other towns?
On the flip side I'm annoyed you've not committed all the way. You've only added a few tokens in the major hubs, which really draws your attention to the hollowness of the change.

Finally a non D&I change.
The Rat catchers changes are a prime example of why the polling character has started to fail. This is clearly a rework to existing content and should be polled however you just slap on the 'Quality of Life' label to force it through.
I don't doubt that it would pass, even with the needless threshold change, but it's annoying that you're immediately abusing the new system.

Overall I'd say this update is quite frustrating. The D&I changes are rooted in a noble cause however I can't see how most the changes actually help. Some feel like a hinderance and others are completely against the new polling charter.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
I'm Lewis, I play Old School & I've been playing since 2005.

09-Nov-2022 12:39:12

Serpent Lady
Oct Member 2010

Serpent Lady

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Lewis Shoot said:
At the risk of sounding like a moron, can you explain how and why these changes will help with diversity and inclusion?

Obviously I can't speak for Jagex and their reasoning for all of these changes, but as someone who appreciates this I'll try to give my take on it at least since your questions don't immediately come across as bad-faith.

Throne of Miscellania - The choice to not get married is most likely an attempt to appeal to aromantic/asexual players. Since I can't replay the quest I can't really comment on it, but I would at least assume that there was some kind of rewrite done to justify this addition.

Recruitment Drive - I personally never minded the "No man may defeat me" riddle, but at the same time I think being able to express yourself through your character is important in an RPG, so I guess I can see why they'd remove something that forces you to deviate from that.

Consortium - Not gonna defend this one. Discrimination is obviously a bad thing, but I don't think that means you shouldn't be able to portray it being a thing in fiction.

The Feud - I don't actually remember the details of the quest, but no matter Jagex's original intent I can absolutely see this being interpreted to be bigoted. I'd have to replay the quest to say more about this though.

Varrock guards - I always thought these guys kinda clashed a bit with the rest of the game's artstyle and think their new look is an improvement personally, but this is of course subjective.

Diverse citizens - I really like this one, myself. Gielinor may be a medieval fantasy setting, but it's never struck me as an explicitly patriarchal society where women are second-class citizens. Have you checked Ardougne yet? The NPCs without helmets also have varied hairstyles now instead of just being clones of each other.
"Gamers aren't oppressed, but they should be."

09-Nov-2022 13:06:26

Mini Element
Oct Member 2022

Mini Element

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The Guards in Varrock are apart of the Orginal Runescape from the 2007 Back Up. Mod Kieren stated in their most recent stream that they would poll iconic Characters and Armor when it came to graphical overhauls. Specifically mentioning the "Rune Platebody" as an example for such an event. Then they immediately turn around an change the Varrock Guard? A character model that is arguably just as Iconic as the Rune Platebody. It's not a good look for Jagex right now. They lied to us....

09-Nov-2022 13:42:25 - Last edited on 09-Nov-2022 15:04:49 by Mini Element

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