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First impressions.
A boss that drops 1 item and ways to buff other items is a little weird. One side seems to be ranged but another ancient magic based.

- The bloodletter shards and bow
It's cool lore and special effect for a bow, although I'm not happy with it's space. It's trying to fill the space I thought the bowfa was meant to fill, between blowpipe and twisted bow. However when you factor in the special effect it jumps up significantly. Unless you can reduce the chance the arrow bounces then this feels overpowered and something you would have nerfed back with the combat rework.

The rest of the rewards feel like unnecessary buffs to existing magic items.
- Soulblight Icon & Sceptre
I like the idea of using the icon with the ancient staff to buff the ancient spells, however they are already pretty powerful and I'd like to see a downside to using the upgrade for balance. For example instead of a -1 prayer bonus, perhaps it could have a big -10 or -15. That way using the item includes a meaningful choice.
- Saturated heart
Will the saturated heart be tradable?
Regardless, I think magic buffs are fairly inoffensive and will pass.
- The magisters brew
Similar to saturated heart, this is an unnecessary yet inoffensive idea that will pass.

All in all I think these rewards are straight up buffs with no downside. Perhaps you could look into some better ways to balance this like the negative prayer bonus I've already touched on.
Finally we have signatures in the surprise forum update.
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10-Nov-2022 16:15:37

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I like the idea! I suggest to add a another question for the heart to also keep stat boost like an divine pot ( could add crystal shard or dust to imbued the satured heart) Strength lies not in defence but in attack.

10-Nov-2022 16:25:47

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While decrease slowly like salt after timer , so its be be nice to bring instead of prepot and bank it! While on it , the hearts could bypass thebookbof dead need for thrall Strength lies not in defence but in attack.

10-Nov-2022 16:27:53

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Yes I really like these ideas for rewards. I am looking forward to a new mysterious quest. Clan Defy -
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11-Nov-2022 12:00:14

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Seriously? admitting yall already had been working on it before the poll even passed? That is some sketchy wording. Sounds like yall know exactly whats going to pass and yall will make it pass. Im getting real sick of feeling like im being shafted. This game can start losing players. Yall will all be out of a job cause yall keep listening to the wrong people. Everyone on Reddit who is right wing gets banned on 2007scape and ironscape. I DO NOT LIKE HAVING "MYSTERIOUS QUESTS" OR ANYTHING HIDDEN FROM ME THIS IS NOT WHAT WE AGREED ON WHEN I STARTED PLAYING THIS GAME AGAIN STOP MESSING WITH THE POLLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16-Nov-2022 20:59:03

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This is just a general suggestion and doesn't pertain to the new update, but I think it's a pretty solid idea:

Could you please add the functionality of casting Alchemy spells directly on items on the ground? They could just Alch the coins directly into your inventory from the item on the ground, and irons would obviously be restricted to only using it on their own drops. This would cut out the step of having to pick the items up first, get rid of the extra time it sometimes takes to find the item in a crowded inventory, and even allow you to Alch drops with a full inventory!

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