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Not sure I'm a big fan of the home tele animation. It feels quite similar to the speedrunning tele, and somewhat devaules the achievements from speedrunning.

Otherwise, looks great. Looking forward to it already!

30-Aug-2023 14:57:18

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I like the items that were proposed, but it seems like there is less reward offerings for this league compared to others. Or that a higher proportion of them are just animations. With the build up in the blog, it seems Jagex wants this to be an even greater version of their best league, so I feel there should be some items that mirror that. I've seen fan art concepts of ornament kits for the pegs, prims, and eternals that match the latest BIS gear for their respective styles. I.E. pegs that match the Masori, Prims that match Torva, or eternals that match the twisted kit version of Ancestral.

06-Sep-2023 03:17:16

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Looks promising! The Dinh’s Bulwark Ornament Kit seems like a fantastic idea. However, would it be more fitting if it could only be used after completing the Inferno? This way, it would align better with its Inferno theme.
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