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they still keep denying me. i cannot get the information they are asking for. that was over 15 years ago. both of the accounts i have are paid from the same bank account and there is no reason why they cant cross reference and reinstate my account. is there any way i can talk to an actual person and work this out with jagex?

19-Oct-2021 04:02:14

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The recovery is 2 step process.

step one is getting past the computer check.. instant deny is bad. go back to what you put in first.

Step 2 is when a jmod gets to look at the "other" box.

If you do not get past the computer check, a jmod will not be seeing the other box. So,
changing the stuff in the "other " box is not what is causing it to deny instantly because
a Jmod isnt even seeing that yet.

so, you need to go back to what you provided when it was taking longer to get the deny

Good luck
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19-Oct-2021 11:02:00

Mrs Ana

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driplessjean said:
They are now denying my account immediately. nothing has changed except the information i am providing in the box at the bottom.
The details and information that is paramount during an account recovery request are the following:
• Account creation month and year.
• The location of account creation.
• The Internet Service Provider (ISP) that you had when you created the account. If you still have the same ISP, it'd help you tremendously if you told them that you still do.
• The password used when the account was created or very early passwords. Since you ever only had and still have one, then this one MUST be supplied, as mentioned above.
• The earliest payment information that you may remember.

When an account recovery request is denied, you are sent an email explaining what kind of information is missing and what kind of information you should add on your next attempt to improve the chances of being approved. It's highly suggested to read that. Furthermore, you are more than welcome to visit the Support article -- Denied password resets -- for further guidance.

Additionally, if you can tell us how long it takes for the request to be denied, we will be able to determine how far along you are in the process. If it's instantly denied (within minutes), it's a bad sign and it means that you either do not have enough information or the information provided is completely incorrect. If it takes longer, than you may be on the right track.

You should work on your earliest information regarding the account. As Malua mentioned in the previous page, the older the information, the more valuable it becomes. The information being entered in the box is NOT what's causing the request to be denied as this section hasn't even been checked by a J-Mod yet, as Ladyolake said above.

19-Oct-2021 19:01:48

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