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I have recently had the urge to get back into old school runescape on my ironman but i am unable to access the account due to my authenticator being on an old device coupled with an in-accessible/deleted email address.
I have successfully recovered the account password but i am still unable to get in because of the authenticator, but i cannot reset the authenticator because i dont have access to my old email address. Every time i try to find the right option to "change my email address" i always get sent to the same account recovery page which will only reset my password. Is there actually a way to completely change my email address so that i can succesfully receive the authenticator reset email?

25-Sep-2021 12:24:25

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Hi there

Account recovery on this website is called a 'Password Reset'.
A successful password reset enables the player to both set a new registered email and a new password.

Have you tried to re-activate the old email? It's always worth exploring the possibility.
Instructions: Your email is old/inaccessible

Only if re-activation of the old email is unable to be done would a player move on to account recovery.
If you have seen the account recovery form you will see that the first question asked is what email do you want to be contacted on and that this email will become the new registered email. You get asked to enter that email twice on the form.
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