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Have Your Levels & Items Disappeared?

Have you noticed that your levels & items have disappeared? Have you been prompted to create an account upon logging in?


You have logged into a different version of RuneScape

There are two different versions of the game that we all know and love:

Old School RuneScape

If you find yourself back at Tutorial Island then you may have logged into Old School RuneScape. This version of the game was made playable in 2013 after a huge demand for an old school style of the game like it was back in 2007. This includes old-style graphics and the old combat system.

Your progress and levels in RuneScape will be different to Old School. If you played RuneScape back in 2005 for example your account progress will be saved to the main game version of RuneScape, but not Old School RuneScape. Everybody starts from scratch in Old School as it's not possible to port levels and items over, but the game will look just as you remember.

You need only to pay membership on one account to access members content for both versions of the game. You can chat to players on the other version of the game but it's not possible to play both versions of the game at the same time with the same account.

+ Download the main game RuneScape client.
+ Download the Old School RuneScape client.


Love the Old School feel but don't want to start again?

You can enable a legacy mode within the main game version of RuneScape with the iconic old brown interface and combat system. Click here for a guide on how to do just that!

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