my accounts been hacked

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Hey I recently came back to runescape after a break and have come back to find out that someone has hacked my main account and changed the email for it, the account was YashMacDaddy (don't know if they've changed the name) let me know what you need from me and ill give you all my details, I did try to recover but haven't heard anything back because you have to put in your email which some how they've changed without me even receiving an email to let me know there was a request to change it.
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21-Oct-2021 02:05:58

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Hi there

If a hijacker has managed to put through an email change, it means they have access to your email.
Change the password to your email right away and work to secure it.
Instructions: Keeping your email secure

I don't think the display name has been changed.

When you do a recovery, you need to firstly identify the account with its correct login then, once you have clicked on the 'contact Jagex support' link, you enter a current contact email for yourself and then re-enter that same email.
Check your email settings to be certain the hijacker has not set up a block on Jagex emails.

How long have you waited for a reply to your recovery? It can take up to 24 hours.
If you have waited out 24 hours without a reply, work through the points on the Not receiving emails support page then try another recovery.
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