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Hello. I was wondering how I could possibly unban an account that has been banned since 2007 (14 years ago) for password scamming. I submitted an appeal and entered my email address but never received a response from Jagex. It has been over 14 days and I am still waiting for a response to see if the account is banned or not or if I get a second chance.

Username: Tapoo Wapooo

Thank you so much!

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The offense committed against players of The RuneScape Community is one of the most damaging category that there's no need to unban your account ever.
No second chance at all, you don't need to wait.

25-Aug-2021 20:03:26

Mrs Ana

Mrs Ana

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Did you appeal the ban using the Account Bans link? I am asking because it's the only way to appeal a ban. The reason why you haven't and will not receive a response is because you are appealing a ban that cannot be appealed, i.e., Account hijacking, Bug abuse, Real world trading or Other manual permanent bans (fraud, community safety). The reason for your ban falls under the "Other manual permanent bans" category and thus will never have responses to any appeals that may be submitted.

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Mod Alex S

Mod Alex S

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You sent us a Ban Appeal for this account on 13 Feb 2021 and we responded on 14 Feb 2021 to say that your appeal has been denied. We don't respond to subsequent Ban Appeals.

The account was issued with a manual permanent ban as it had hijacked another account in 2007.

As outlined in the Appeal a Ban article, we do not consider Ban Appeals for the following offences:

• Bug abuse
• Real world trading
• Account hijacking
• Other manual permanent ban (fraud, community safety)

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