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i recovered my account with email address, tried to log in, it said i had to change my name so i did that, logged in looks like i have been given the wrong account?? i spent well over 1000 hours fully questing and training the account OG DoubleD. now i have some level 70 non member with random treasure tail items in the bank?????

23-Sep-2021 04:40:58

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Thread moved to the Community Led Account Help Forum for best results

Just from the Hiscores, its looks like you have two accounts.

The account you are using to post, display name "OGDoubleD" shows:

The account you mentioned in your post, display name "OG DoubleD" shows:

I think the best place for you to start is the Forgotten login page in the Support Centre

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I created an account sometime in 2008-2009. It was named Xzanatos13. I was a paid member for a good time. I had achieved 99 Woodcutting. I took an 11 year break. Still remember my login info. Back then, we logged in using our account name and password. But the account was registered with my email at the time. I came back to play again, and found that my login no longer works. I have gone through the advanced account recovery, and was told that that account does not exist. What happened to my account? I had renamed it to either X-zanatos or X'zanatos, or some variant of that. Sadly, I no longer have access to my old email. I can recover it though, at a cost of $300.00 USD. I know I was not banned for rule breaking, and I never botted. I did break some rules and was muted a couple times. But nothing serious enough to get banned. Please Jagex, if my account is "floating" around somewhere in your database, can you tell me how to get it back. I will provide what ever information you guys need to identify it, within the rules though, to aid in finding and returning my original account. Thank you dearly, Xzannah Nyx. Xzannah Nyx

24-Sep-2021 19:56:46

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Your log in never changes.. if you change your in game display name or your registered email,
the log in will still be your original log in.

If you do not have access to the registered email, then doing an account recovery is where you would need to go.

But main thing is identifying your account correctly. Even a banned account, still exsists.
The only way to delete an account is to specifically ask jagex to do this and you would have
to prove you made the account exactly as you would if doing a recovery.

so i think what has happened is you are not identifying your account correctly. Go back and use your original log in name.. Even if you have a diff registered email or display name as i said, the log in NEVER EVER Changes.
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25-Sep-2021 10:13:40

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