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My recently created account - gaymen69420 (yes that's really the account name) was banned due to macroing major. I have never botted on this account. I had primarily been playing the account on the HD client (HDOS) and noticed today that the program errors out when attempting to launch. The account is a group iron man with barely any stats, so I highly doubt it was hijacked and botted on. I had last played last night as of this post. I can't appeal the ban either so I'm at a total loss here. Group Ironman brought me back into this game now I'm about to turn right back around and quit again. Sigh.

21-Oct-2021 03:45:00

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Hi there
She Xoulin

Macroing offences/bans can be appealed via the appeal button on the Account Bans support page.

It will take Jagex up to 14 days to review the appeal.

Bans are removed for only two reasons:
1. the offence/ban was a mistake
2. a hijacker was using your account at the time of the offence.

I wish you good luck with your appeal.
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21-Oct-2021 04:06:54

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