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A new friend told me their old account they used to play on is locked due to a negative account balance.

But they didn't do it. (at least, that's the claim)

If they are correct and someone else did something to create a negative account balance, is there any way that it can be investigated and cleared?

20-Oct-2021 16:33:32



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Hey, Kopaka.

There is a way to have this checked and investigated. Your friend should head to the Settle an Unpaid Balance Support page. Once there, they ought to scroll all the way down to see and click on the orange
button/link. Usually, it takes up to 48 hours to get a response; however, as of right now, there is a delay in getting responses (see Delayed response times) from Jagex due to a high volume of concerns due to Group Ironman being released.

Furthermore, Mod Alex S has confirmed that it's currently taking approximately 4 days to get a response:ModáAlexáS said:
Response times are slightly longer than normal ( ~ 4 days at the moment) as we received exceptionally high contact when Group Ironman was released in OSRS
Source: Payment Issues.

Just let them know that they should be patient, but that it should get resolved :).

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