Question about offense squash.

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So i have an alt, that got hit with a two day ban a few months ago, the account itself is not banned at all, im not asking for a unbanning or anything of the sort, i just wanted to clarify that. I am asking however how long it takes for an offense to be squashed and an account can be in good standing. is it a year or two or what? a time frame would be dandy, i have reached out to twitter and been ignored 3 different times upon asking while other people get their questions answered so i figured id try this as a last resort, id love for a CM to respond to me about said situation.

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Hey Sorakingokey, 'squashing' is something else but '
' can take up as long as Jagex/JMods think it is necessary to be for an offense to stay.
Offenses might 'stay' as long as it takes for Jagex/JMods to prove there will be no repetition of any kind/sorts in the future.
You can't bargain over an offense ... you have to prove there is a reason for the offense to be lifted/quashed/expire. Actually some offense have a fixed time-rate so you just have to wait.

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Hi there

Offences "expire" after one year but the term "expire" doesn't mean exactly what players think it means.
Yes, your account would return to its previous good standing after one year but only in relation to 'Respect' offences.

Jagex categorise offences into three groups: Honour, Respect, Security.
The three groups can be seen in detail on the How to report a player support page.

I am guessing the offence you received a temp ban for was an 'Honour' offence.
Honour offences show an expiry date but, in fact, don't expire.
If Jagex decide to impose a temporary ban there is one condition.
After returning from a temp ban, an account goes onto its "last chance".
ANY future honour offence at ANY time will result in a permanent ban.
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