Player trapped on water!

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Player name = Bust Me Nut
Player's original name = Say ur sorry
This screenshot was taken ~5 minutes ago in F2P World 3:

Player is stuck on the water south of the Wizard's Tower peninsula
Player logged in after a very long hiatus, was told his old account name was already taken, changed the account name to Bust Me Nut, was logged in, and found himself stuck on the water!

18-Oct-2021 07:22:37

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Oh my -- you found Jesus!!! :O

Okay, just kidding - there are some issues with returning players who get stuck behind cliffsides, besides bar tables etc - this looks to be the same issue with this player.

Players can fix this by joining a group, setting boss target as 'Giant mole', clicking 'Ready' (thumb up icon) and then teleporting with the group panel.
It might also help that they submit a bug report!
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18-Oct-2021 08:20:07

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