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hello, i'm curious on how to make a complaint and report. I was getting my cooking up at the ge doing wines and someone said check out their new youtube video and i did and it was about them quitting and giving away money so i was like i'll check it out and and it had a link to runescape so i clicked it and it brought me to a fake runescape website that i thought was real and then they got my ip address from going to the website sight and got my username and pass from me logging in and booted me offline so they good sign into my account and took all my stuff. I just want to make a ticket to try getting my stuff back or just get the sad loser who hacked me. because it's a criminal offense to mess with people internet hiya

25-Sep-2021 02:16:13

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I've moved your thread over to a better suited section for you.

Sorry you lost items by following a fake RS page and getting hacked. It's an old scam that sadly people still fall for.

I can't see Jagex replacing your stolen items due to this issue as it could have been provented.

Help and advice on how to secure your account and system will be posted soon by either a Community Helper or a member of the Community.

Good luck.
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25-Sep-2021 08:15:38

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Hi there

You can report the hijack via email to:
Please note: you will not receive your items back but Jagex will investigate and take action against the hijacker.

You can also report the Youtube video to Youtube to get it taken down.

Next time, if you see someone advertising a quitting video and sending players offsite, you can report it straight away during the advertising as that is the way to get almost immediate action.
Instructions: How to report a player

You were tricked.
Please read this: Information about Fake websites

Information about Securing your account
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