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Hello so i've played runescape since 04 and my account got hi-jacked few days ago, they took all my gp, dropped my infernal cape\ void etc. But what really made me mad was they took my Character name which was Thrasher. I looked up the name and my old character name is now on a level 3.... no stats. Will jagex give back my Character Name? I've had it for a damn decade or so... I Know its a long shot but it wouldn't be hard for Jagex to look into my situation and notice they took my character name....

22-Sep-2021 05:01:56

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Hi there,

Were you able to log straight in after the hijack or did you need to recover your account?

If you needed to recover the account, it means the hijacker has access to your email and you should change its password immediately and work to secure it.
Instructions: Keeping your email secure

If you logged straight in, it means you have been phished or tricked into clicking on a dodgy link. You might be able to find evidence of that if you examine your browser history between the last time you logged in to a secure account and the next time you logged in.
Information: Fake websites

Full account security review instructions: Securing your account

Lastly, the name. :(
Very sadly there is no support for stolen name problems.
Jagex stopped providing support for stolen names about 4-5 years ago.
All you can do is email a report to: and ask them to investigate.
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22-Sep-2021 05:31:03

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Sadly Jagex does not return RS names, I found out the hard way when my name was sniped in 2019. Your best bet would be to add the account and see if they are willing to give it back. Really not the best case scenario but worth a shot.

As per your account security Malua had covered all the bases as usual shes great at helping out here.
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