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26-Sep-2021 12:17:12

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you can try to change it.. as a member you get 1 free name change ever 28 days but
let me warn you.. if you change it back to a name jagex made you change in first place,
jagex could give you a silly name that you cannot change for 1 year.

jagex decides if a name is appropriate or not. Since they had you change it once, I
would not put that name back on the account.
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26-Sep-2021 12:24:01

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@OP, I've hidden your first post as a security measure, as it mentions your login name.

If your name had a forced change by Jagex, they obviously thought it was unsuitable for reasons I'm sure you understand... and if it's showing as "unavailable", it's exactly that.

Sorry but you won't be able to get that one back.
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26-Sep-2021 14:59:53

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