Just started and got banned.

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I haven't played runescape in a while. Found myself with a lot of free time recently, and decided it was time to try and play again. I started a brand new account, put over 10 hours into this past week just to wake up this morning to a ban. The ban claims I was using a third party system, but I literally just downloaded the runescape client. That is all I've used. I played the account in free to play. Did some quests and trained my attack and defense to make a free to play pure. I did not macro or use a different client or anything. I don't understand why my account has been banned. This will honestly probably make me quit and not come back. Honest people are getting banned, and this breaks my heart. I don't know how to contact jagex, I wish there was a phone number to call or something. I'm really hurt right now. I don't know what to do. This is my old main I'm writing from.

26-Sep-2021 14:09:02

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Hi there

The first question that comes to mind is, how secure was your account?
Meaning, is there a possibility that someone else got access and ruined it?

Macro bans can be appealed by using the appeal button on the Account Bans support page.
If Jagex can see evidence that a hijacker was using the account at the time of the offence, they will remove the ban.

While you wait for a reply, take the time to review your security.
Instructions: Securing your account
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26-Sep-2021 14:27:03

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