Just started and got banned.

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I haven't played runescape in a while. Found myself with a lot of free time recently, and decided it was time to try and play again. I started a brand new account, put over 10 hours into this past week just to wake up this morning to a ban. The ban claims I was using a third party system, but I literally just downloaded the runescape client. That is all I've used. I played the account in free to play. Did some quests and trained my attack and defense to make a free to play pure. I did not macro or use a different client or anything. I don't understand why my account has been banned. This will honestly probably make me quit and not come back. Honest people are getting banned, and this breaks my heart. I don't know how to contact jagex, I wish there was a phone number to call or something. I'm really hurt right now. I don't know what to do. This is my old main I'm writing from.

26-Sep-2021 14:09:02

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