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hi i have been experiencing a ôserver hangö for weeks now, where the server hangs for 2-4 ~ cycles, resumes, but 2 seconds later it suddenly disconnects.
This occurs approximately every 10-15 minutes.

The funny thing is that this server stop only happens on my account, and I had 2 active accounts with the official launcher, and only the server stops on my main account followed by disconnection, while the other account remains active.
I have kept both accounts active at the same time for several hours and the result was always the same, my main cc always disconnects every 8 to 15 minutes and the other cc remains active. I can not find a solution and disconnections that do not allow me to play in my main account are somewhat frustrating, while in the other account this does not happen.

occurs in all playable worlds. My PC runs the game perfectly and stable when I use a different account.

01-Jul-2021 21:14:00

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