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Fart of Beer
Nov Member 2016

Fart of Beer

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Date: 05.24.21
Time: 10:40pm PST
Server: 331

Consistently getting dropped down to single digit frames at Vorkath, this has been happening on and off for several months, on multiple servers, all throughout the day. Happens while doing nothing at the crafting bank, or doing bossing. Only way to play the game is just to hope the lag happens at a convenient time.

25-May-2021 06:48:46

Jul Member 2019


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Date: 04/06/2021 - 05/06/2021
Time: Whole day
Server/World: All german and uk servers
Game Location: Anywhere
Any steps to reproduce: n/a

I never had lag problems always 20 to 40 ping in all german/uk world i play from italy and idk why i have lag/high ping problems since 2 days

05-Jun-2021 14:15:26

Jun Member 2018


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Date: 27/05/2021
Time: 17:30
Server/World: W519
Game Location: the inferno
Any steps to reproduce: N/A

constant lag throughout the entire run until I quick exited on wave 31

27-Jun-2021 16:30:02

Dec Member 2019


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Date: Daily for the past few days
Time: All hours of every day
Server/World: All game worlds - switching worlds does not help
Game Location: All locations. Populated, non-populated.
Any steps to reproduce: I cleared my Old School cache. It seemed to make a difference but then the lag reappeared. Can't do anything that has any amount of danger and Tears of Guthix was just stupid -- all my stream changes were lagged by a couple of seconds. Even just skilling is irritating -- too much waiting for the next interface to appear.
Note: I'm using the Windows client provided by Jagex. This was never a problem until you released your new client for Stream (which I do not use).

27-Jun-2021 21:10:49 - Last edited on 27-Jun-2021 21:12:32 by HerbieG

Marwin RS

Marwin RS

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hi i have been experiencing a “server hang” for weeks now, where the server hangs for 2-4 ~ cycles, resumes, but 2 seconds later it suddenly disconnects.
This occurs approximately every 10-15 minutes.

The funny thing is that this server stop only happens on my account, and I had 2 active accounts with the official launcher, and only the server stops on my main account followed by disconnection, while the other account remains active.
I have kept both accounts active at the same time for several hours and the result was always the same, my main cc always disconnects every 8 to 15 minutes and the other cc remains active. I can not find a solution and disconnections that do not allow me to play in my main account are somewhat frustrating, while in the other account this does not happen.

occurs in all playable worlds. My PC runs the game perfectly and stable when I use a different account.

01-Jul-2021 21:14:00

Jul Member 2019


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Date: 2020-2021
Time: Every 5-10 minutes
Server/World: Any
Game Location: Any

I have tried the official game client, opened ports of my router, allowed full access to the firewall, and have tried low ping words. I cannot figure out what the issue is. I am tired of dying while bossing due to this lag.

20-Aug-2021 23:26:42

Arcanine GX
Sep Member 2021

Arcanine GX

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Date: 2021
Time: 24/7 every 10-15 minutes my game just stops for a few seconds, and then rubber band catches me back up.
Server/World: all worlds
Game Location: every world
Any steps to reproduce: N/A
I live in indiana with Endeavor Communications as my ISP. i get the full gig up and down they sell me.
The tracert's ive run to osrs servers have a lot of packet drops on your end of things.

I have even tried connecting via the steam client just incase it were a runelite plugin and it did not fix the issue.

RS3 works completely fine no lag ever.

13-Oct-2021 01:10:08

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