To many log in attempts

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I have had this message come up.

"Too many login attempts from your address. Please wait 5 minutes before trying again"

I have waited a couple of hours on my PC.
I have in fact not logged in on my PC for 14hours.

What is going on?

Side Note : I can log in on my mobile quite easily.
Have just tried (needed the RS3 fix.

Side note 2 : My non members starts up on my PC ok, but I go through google for that.

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There is currently no "fix" for this issue as this is working as intended (See Mod Lyon's response). You may follow the suggestions found here Too many login attempts from your address (<--- Click on me!) to see if the alternatives shown do work for you. Alternatively, if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the link that I just shared with you, you will be able report your individual issue to Jagex.

Just know that they will not be able to individually respond to you.

Furthermore, if it interests you, you may see this thread for further guidance: Too many login attempts.

24-Sep-2021 14:43:49

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