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A few days ago I started to have an issue when navigating around the rs website where I continually get hCaptcha human verifications where I click the box indicating I'm human and not a bot, then presents a grid of pictures and makes me select the pictures with trucks or airplanes, etc. I think this used to happen every few weeks when logging in to the site but now it's every few minutes, and procs even if I'm going to the forums, or GE pages and haven't logged in and did not try to...

I tried clearing my browser cache and using an incognito window but this didn't help.

Thanks for any assistance!

14-Sep-2021 03:45:59

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Same thing has been happening too me I come to the forums everyday to check on Vis wax stuff and rarely had to do a captcha over the last year but starting last week I don't remember exactly when, I have had to do a captcha every single day/multiple times a day and its getting very annoying. I didn't know if it was something on my end or this website but since its also happening to you i think its on the website.

17-Sep-2021 20:38:15

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Like you all, I too am experiencing nearly constant hCaptcha human verifications.

I've tinkered with my security settings and nothing has improved. My antivirus software recommended that I turn on VPN, however if I do that, I am blocked from the website. :/

If anyone has advice, I would appreciate it. Completing Captcha tests every few pages I load from the forums is becoming extremely frustrating. :|

Oh, the irony. In posting this message, I had yet another, in which I had to identify trucks.

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