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I'm constantly getting disconnected every 10-20s, resulting in ribbons disappearing and not allowing me to access friends list, friends chat, summoned familiar etc. My wifi connection is fine, allowing me to browse the web without much lag/delay. I have tried to flush dns as well as winsock reset. Firewall has allowed runescape to be running. I even tried hopping worlds but disconnections still occur. Still, there are no changes. My ISP has checked my connection and said that my wifi network is doing ok. Asked me to check with Jagex whether their servers are the ones affecting the connection. Please let me know how I can resolve this disconnection issue.
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14-Sep-2021 03:57:56

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Having same problem since 23.09.2021.
Game worked perfectly fine around 5 - 6 am game time.
Game loaded as usual and logged me in around 1 pm game time. Then the problem started.
Screen froze, ribbons went awol, game disconnected repeatedly.

Done the usual of clearing cache (ipconfig as well as deletejs5caches on developer console); cleared cache folder and reloaded game; deleted game and downloaded fresh version of client; checked windows updates and firewall settings .....

Inbetween I rebooted router and shut down/rebooted computer each time .... time consuming and annoying, but trying to make sure ....

No difference. Gave up around 6pm game time and tried again this morning - no change. Game still disconnects constantly.

Same as for the player above, my internet works fine for everything else and Graphic card has latest update as well (as per manufacturers site and windows check) and works as usual with other applications.

What else can I try?

Seem to be okay again for last 10 mins (09:30 game time) ... lets see how long

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