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Quick find code: 409-410-699-66230154

AoN Adam
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AoN Adam

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Can anyone help me recently tried loading up runescape only to encounter this error message

[There was a error loading the game configuration from the website.
If you have a firewall, check the program is allowed to access the internet. (7,28)]

Can anyone help with this please????

This also happens when i try to load OSRS aswell

24-Sep-2021 14:22:23

Chief Elf
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Chief Elf

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Have you tried eliminating the preliminaries - (1) reinstalling your client, (2) restarting your pc, (3) enabling RuneScape on your firewall.

If it doesn’t work, then you can try using the RuneLite client (Jagex has informed us that RuneLite is compliant with their rules) for OSRS.

People might recommend using a VPN, but it’s too risky. There’s a risk that a ban might be imposed or your account might get locked.
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