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So for whatever reason, no audio will play while I am in game. Obviously I checked my settings, and I will share them with you, but here is what up in greater detail.

Audio WILL play while I am in the lobby or login screens, and when in game all audio stops (so I know that audio on my PC works). Next, the audio settings in game are all turned on and there is no global mute but still no sound. I first thought that it might be the case that the settings from my other login devices might be the issue (this was a last-ditch Hail Mary since I figured that that information probably isn't stored server-side, but I tired anyway) and still no sound. Lastly I uninstalled the client and reinstalled it but again, no sound. I really need help, I am in-love with the Voice-acted quests and music and it kills me to not experience it. Especially when I was doing "A Broken Home" I hate myself for not asking this sooner.

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Asahel Frost
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Jaakul said:
For whatever reason the image didn't post correctly (and I can't seem to edit my own post) so here is a link to the image:

Well, all four audio channels are muted in your screenshot. That'll be why you hear the music in the lobby, but nothing in game.

Uncheck the boxes labelled "Mute".

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