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Last night, about 10 hrs ago (CDT), I tried to close the RS client. It didn't work. Something odd led up to it, but I've slept since then. I did file a report ingame at the time, so there's a record someplace

I tried right-click close, and end process in the system monitor. That's all I know to try.

This morning, still not able to close it, and it won't let me play, session ended. Fortunately, it let me open a new client, so I played. Now, neither client will close. I can't do this forever, that part of my screen is already pretty busy.

Hoping someone here can clue me in, tell me how to solve.


Never mind, seems the only thing I didn't think to do, was restart my laptop. Client is gone now, at least for now.
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Sometimes it works you can clear the Jagex cache. I like to default all my system setting to back how it was might work. Reinstall Runescape rs3. Sometimes people might get nasty virus.
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