New, affordable PC for OS/RS3?

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Looking for suggestions :P. For years, I've suffered playing through my budget laptop and desktop. I can play smoothly on the lowest possible graphical settings, but I'd like to experience the game even further.

For a budget of lets say under $1,000.00 (US), to any tech gurus out there, what's your recommendation for a game like RS3 on some of the best graphics possible to run at the best speeds? Is it possible? idek much about computers, either.

Preferably, I'd like to not go online to order something, too. Rather just a store like Best Buy or the like.
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21-Sep-2021 16:58:30



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I dunno. A few times I've been to Best Buy and looked at their gaming PCs just to see what they offer and wasn't really impressed. One thing I've noticed more recently is they are selling PCs that have only 1 RAM stick meaning they don't run in dual channel mode. Of course, the specs listed for the computers don't specifically mention that. If you're not picky you can just go to their website, go to the Gaming Desktop or Gaming Laptop section and set the filter to $500 - $999.99 and see what they offer. You can also click the Pick Up Today filter to see what is offered at your closest Best Buy. It is possible that none of their gaming computers are available locally. I tried that just now and saw nothing was available locally. I don't know if there is a wait list for mail ordered computers. Anyway, I suggest something with a GTX 1050Ti, 1650, or 1660 graphics card and an SSD. The CPUs that come with computers that have that level of graphics card should all be adequate. The alternative, if you want to get everything just the way you might want it, is building your own but I don't think the graphics card shortage has ended yet.

22-Sep-2021 02:39:41

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