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Please Jagex, help. I got the message "Too many login attempts from your address. Please wait 5 minutes before trying again" I have tried over and over again after waiting 5 minutes but keep getting the same message.

I have read the advice on waiting for 5 minutes, resetting IP, restarting computer. I have tried all those.

Would appreciate if you could fix this as soon as possible as this is my only day off . I do not seem to be the only one having this problem from what I have read in the forums.


PS. About an hour before this happened I had a message from a pretend mod trying to lure me into chat regarding me being so friendly that I could be a mod. I promptly reported them and put them on ignore.

One more thing in case this helps diagnose this problem. Just before I first got the message
of Too many logins, I remember that I had walked away from my screen and instead of being logged out, my screen was kind of in a wait mode, the thing that happens just before you go to lobby. I waited awhile but lost patience and just exited the screen.
The Too many logins message started when I reinitiated Runescape and went to login again after exiting.

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