Is premier club not membership

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I used two bonds to get premier club for the yak tak even, but it does not say i am a member and wont let me change to members worlds. It is allowing me to get premier club rewards from the event though.
Did jagex take the membership part out of the premier club? i feel abit ripped so could someone inform me about this?

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It still will not let me onto a members world even after waiting awhile. i will wait until tomorrow until i contact jagex about it, howver i know they will not compensateme. so please if anyone knows anything, tell me if the premiwer club does not count as membership or not. If it DOES, then i will not waist gp buying bonds anymore
secondly, i dont know how to contact jagex about it. if anyone knows about that then please help aswell

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Hi there

You have NOT bought Premier Club membership.
You have bought the Yak Track Premier Pass.

This is not a membership.
All it gets you is the ability to do the Premier level Yak Track tasks.

The Premier Yak Track tasks are usually only available to Premier Club members but other players can buy access by paying 2 Bonds.

Premier Club membership is not on sale right now but, if it was, the lowest level (Bronze) costs 5 Bonds, not 2.
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