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I routinely buy keys on RS3 on mobile, pay with my phone through google play and then redeem on PC. Today i bought 35 keys, never recieved them, and upon trying to purchase more (dealt with issue through google refund, hope this works as RS support is literally non existent beyond a FAQ) it tells me i already own this item and cant purchase more? So now i dont have my original 35 keys and im literally unable to buy more because i says ive already purchased this item. Faq says sorry about my luck, can anyone here help? Thanks community

08-Sep-2021 06:01:40

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Hi there
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I thought the "already own the item" problem was only in relation to Bonds purchases.
I know Jagex fixed the Bond purchase "already own" error a month ago.

To report the problem to Billing Support, start on the Didn't receive my Treasure Hunter Keys support page and use this navigation: Contact Us -> No -> Continue -> Still Stuck? -> Get in Touch
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08-Sep-2021 07:58:32

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