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So I'm pretty sure I did not buy this years Premier Club and I have also never used apple/google pay for my membership.

I have 4day left of membership which I had bought with my card. There is also no recurring payment active.

If I have read everything right, I should be eligible for the Summer promotion.

If I choose for RS3 Premier Club I'm not eligible BUT I can buy Premier Club on OSRS (yes same account)..

I guess it's a bug?

I know that the membership are for both games but what if I would buy the OSRS one..
Would I get all the benefits of Premier Club on RS3 ?

Note: I can buy everything, like normal membership, bonds, keys for RS3. It's only the Premier Club that I can't.

Kind Regards

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Hi there

This is a very peculiar problem. I haven't come across it before.

All I can do is recommend you message Billing Support and ask them to check what is going on.
Start on the Common Credit Card Issues support page and use the 'Contact Us' button.
Navigation: Contact Us -> Credit/Debit card -> Confirm -> Let us know some details.
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