I purchased a bond.

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i purchased a bond and it is not on my account. I wanted it on "do you fish" on runescape classic. It has been a week. This is ridiculous. If its accidently on rs3 can you move it please? I've never even played rs3 on this account so that should not be a thing.

10-Sep-2021 17:19:52

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Hi there
Do You Fish

The first thing to check is that you were logged in to the correct account at the time you purchased.
The purchase will be confirmed with an email that will state the display name of the account the purchase was made for.
If you cannot find the email, check the 'Messages' tab inside account management on your account as the same message will be there.
If there is no message about a Bond purchase on your account, it means you were logged in to another account.

Go to the Find my Bonds support page and follow the instructions on that page and on the following pages carefully.
You will end up on a message form to contact Billing Support.
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10-Sep-2021 22:38:08

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