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hello, it shows that i am not eligable for premier club when i havent played game for few months and i know that few days it actually was showing that i could buy it and only thing i have done was logged in game opened few tresure keys and thats it
it only allows me to purchase it if i pick osrs

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Hi there
swift N shif

Did you have a Gold, Silver or Bronze Premier Club membership last year?
It says in the information article "Please note that the Premier Club Summer Sale offer is not available to past 2020/21 Premier Club Gold, Silver, and Bronze members."

If you want to message Billing Support to ask, start on the Common Credit Card Issues support page and use this navigation: Contact Us -> Credit / Debit Card -> Confirm -> Let us know some details

You need to get a wriggle on as there is only one day left to buy it. Billing Support might not get back to you in time.
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