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Hi there

Runescape Pre paid Game Cards can not be used to buy Premier Club directly.

You could redeem the $25 game cards for Bonds, then redeem the Bonds for Gold Premier but you would need to buy seven $25 game cards to get enough Bonds out of them.

If you check back here over the next 24-48 hours, I will ask another Community Helper to supply you with a useful, USA specific answer.
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28-Nov-2019 20:08:56

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thanks for the info its stupid for promotion are Christmas time to not way good way to give it as a gift to surprise someone like premier club gift exclusive or something

28-Nov-2019 21:28:41

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Malua is correct here — if you want to gift premier membership you have a few options:

1. If the recipient is a family member, you can use your payment information to buy premier membership on their account.

2. You could send the recipient money through PayPal or a bank transfer so that the recipient can buy premier membership himself/herself.

3. You can gift bonds in-game which the recipient could redeem for premier membership.
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30-Nov-2019 20:54:26

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