Easter Event bug - T.A.R.A.

Quick find code: 42-43-715-65768406



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Ok, so after dealing with same issues as most of you are, I figured the puzzle out.

It is true that there is only one correct position for each pipe tile. Luckily, which took me awhile, you don't have to do a guessing game with all the same tiles. The reason for that is that each matching color goes through all of the tiles it should when it's arranged properly. So when all the tiles are correctly placed you have a flow of one color, and when they jump around just use that tile as a marker for what should come next in your puzzle.

The way I dealt with it at the end is, similar to elite clue puzzles, I first did top two rows, then left two columns (blue flow), and finally last six tiles on the bottom right.

Hope this helps. Respect, SimpleMan

23-Mar-2016 10:15:35

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