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I do not have twitter or facebook so hoping that mods will see this here. I have 2 main accounts that I play and while trying to log out of one and into the other on mobile it keeps logging back into the account that I log off of. I have used my other email and password with the authenticator for the account that I want on but it still puts me into the account I just logged out of. And for any smart ass out there yes I know the difference between my 2 email accounts and I have the correct one. I have deleted the app and re downloaded and still doing the same thing.

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Hi there
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So, you click the 'Continue with RuneScape account' button, enter the information and it takes you to the wrong account?

I assume you are clearing out any pre-filled information in the login box and entering the different login.

About the account that you keep ending up on: How did you create the account?
Did you create the account through Google or Game Centre?
If so, did you ever add an email login to the account?

There is a support article on this topic: Why can't I log in to the correct account on mobile?
The theory in this support article is that the account has been created through the players Google or Game Centre and the player has not yet set an email login. The mobile is bricked to that Google/Game Centre account until an email login is set and the account fully logged out.
Full mobile logout process from in-game:
Click 'door' icon
Click on the 'Tap here to logout' button
Click on the 'Sign out' button
Click on the 'Yes' button
This ^ is maybe what you have to do to switch from one account to the other.
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