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Well, I was using mobile version for some time and I can say that it's very nice. I've tried revenant caves, skilling, slayer, even F2P pking. Everything seems to be nice.

Yesterday I've found that there's a freeze bug when you try to change worlds very fast.

Actually one thing makes me wonder. When you switch worlds, chat dialog pops again, although it was hidden before. Sometimes it makes some actions uncomfortable.

But as I said, everything seems to be alright :)

26-Jun-2018 15:50:01



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Mobile has been fantastic so far. I've put time into both skilling and PVM on it and I think its nearly perfect. My only gripe is the battery life isn't the best. I get about 1.5 hours on my g5 from 100% to 0%. For me, if battery life is imporved, the app is perfect.

30-Jun-2018 18:56:16

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When casting the
Telekinetic Grab
spell while in the Telekinetic Theatre in the Mage Training Arena the chat-entry of the chat-box (area where you tap to enter what you want to say) is covering the Guardian you need to move to finish the puzzle. This only occurs when you
and are north of the Guardian while in birds-eye view.

I just thought you would like to know in case you missed it.

Thank you

05-Jul-2018 13:37:37



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Not sure a good place for this, but it would be EXTREMELY good if an option was added to allow us NOT to have the chat open every time we login. I personally do not, nor will probably never actually chat in OSRS. I login at the GE a lot and always forget to click on the chat to minimize it before talking to the banker. This results me in nearly reporting someone for something because it rightclicks on someones chat, since I am holding down my push. I know I could do the click through chatbox but this doesn't solve the problem it just creates a hacky fix.

Thanks :D

05-Jul-2018 13:58:38



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Just scribbled down thoughts on mobile.

Before Release

World Select -single tap to select worlds, instead of selecting world and then tapping the 'select world' button

Dropping Items -tap to drop is really bad, responsiveness is terrible, miss half the inventory

After Release Suggestions

Single Tap Fn Mode -single tap to turn off, long press for options -needlessly clunky otherwise

Login -one tap login needs to be an option. Security, require phone to have a lock screen code/fingerprint scanner

Notifications -logout alert -combat alert when entering combat -hp and prayer 'orbs' in notification tray
The time is out of joint
O cursd spite

05-Jul-2018 14:09:00



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One thing I noticed is that I have my bank set up so that I can switch between devices and I do not have to re-enter my bank pin if it has been less than 5 minutes. This did not work when I switched from my mobile to my desktop.

05-Jul-2018 14:24:59



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Mobile just screwed me over, left clicking instantly dropped my stuff when i turned inventory clicking on (in a f2p world?), i've lost like 50-60m in items, any way there could be a refund for this as it's a bug on Jagex's end?

05-Jul-2018 14:32:09



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When using the minimap drop down to select different maps such as Dwarven mines, scrolling the tab will move the map in the background and sometimes selects items on the map underneath removing the tab. (Samsung galaxy Note 8

05-Jul-2018 14:38:12

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