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LucyáHFilia said:
I'd like some additional features on the iPad client, if possible. Such as toggles for:
- Right click using 2 fingers or mouse/trackpad (I can actually hook up my mouse to the iPad, believe it or not)
- Rotating camera with arrows on keyboard (my iPad has a magic keyboard that uses a touchpad and has arrows to rotate with...I'd be nice to be able to use them)
- PS4/PS5 controller support? (Idk if this is a thing I need to find my old controller and test this first...but if it isn't a thing please add it!)

Thanks!! Otherwise it's nice to have old school runescape on such a giant screen but right now I can't seem to do high-volume activities without the client crashing.

Aah!! This times two.

I'd love to see proper mouse/keyboard support for OSRS on iPad. It's sort of playable with a mouse, but every mouse button press is registered as a tap regardless of if it's a left/right/middle click. Granted, most people will probably just use the touchscreen anyway, but it's fairly easy to simply plug in a mouse and keyboard into an iPad (since it's Type-C), and a lot of applications support right-clicking just fine.

I suppose another thing I'd like to see is an option to play the game at the iPad's native resolution. Things look a little blurry on my new iPad Pro's Retina display when everything is being displayed at what is effectively 25% its native resolution.

And, yes, I sometimes get a crash/freeze whenever I go to highly populated areas like the Grand Exchange. It's kind of annoying when this happens and requires manually killing the application.

09-Jul-2021 03:28:34

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Please please please make it so tapping on a roof top while on the ground hides that roof.

This game is SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUL with roofs on and it changes the entire gaming experiences (and probably would attract a lot more people to the game)..

But I'm forced to turn roofs off because there is no way to view inside and it makes entering a building basically impossible without faffing for ages..

If simply touching the screen where there is a roof removed that roof then the problem is solved.

Sounds crazy but for me this would be better than any new content polled in the past year.

A new RuneLite add-in does the same for the desktop. Which inspired this post.

24-Jul-2021 13:14:52 - Last edited on 24-Jul-2021 13:15:15 by RobáMobile

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Please can you fix auto-brightness? I play mobile only and its making it very hard to play for me. Its 100% not my device i don't have auto brightness switched on and ive tried multiple devices and its the same on all of them.

28-Jul-2021 12:03:24



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Kind regards, I have a problem since I installed the update and the application does not start it stops before starting. I wish they could fix that until a few days I was playing normally. My phone is a Samsung Galaxy J2 Prime. I hope they can help*****;font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">: O</font></font><font style="vertical-align: inherit;"><font style="vertical-align: inherit;">:(</font></font>

26-Aug-2021 07:15:04

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