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For this build we've been able to implement an
in-game controls tutoria
l for users new to playing on Mobile. Upon your first login you will be prompted to view a tutorial. If you don't accept the prompt, or if you're in the Wilderness, a phone icon will appear which will allow you to view the tutorial. To access the tutorial after it has been viewed, open the controls menu in the options panel. Press the mobile phone icon within the controls menu. Start Mobile controls guide when prompted.

button (the fingerprint on the bottom left) can change mode by pressing the button and selecting either 'Tap-to-drop' (to enable one click item dropping) or 'Single-tap' (to open the keyboard when the button is clicked).

once acts as a left-click.

the tap will act as a right-click.

the camera with a one/two finger swipe.

to adjust the zoom of the camera, once the setting is enabled.

can be minimised/restored via right-click option on the World map button.

Tapping input lines, such as the one on the chatbox, will bring up the
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I do agree with the bank scrolling, maybe allow scrolling from finger drag anywhere outside the bank menu. (so you can still move items around in the bank and such). Something to that effect, LOL

25-May-2018 21:28:24



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The click box for the chat box is pretty small. I find myself mis-clicking it means you run off into the middle of nowhere. Maybe having the option to click anywhere on the chat box to enter text would be nice.

25-May-2018 22:06:32



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I am having quite an issue with scrolling. Or the lack of it exactly. On mobile one would expect that swiping on given interface would scroll the view. But the only way to scroll anything is by pinching the often very small scrollbar. And trying to pinch that scrollbar is very annoying :D

26-May-2018 18:57:17

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Are there any plans to add external mouse and keyboard support? I'm using a Bluetooth mouse with the android app and finding that while the mouse works for general Android uses, the input is not recognized within osrs mobile.

29-May-2018 15:32:35

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Hey I was trying to use a bluetooth keyboard/trackpad on the mobile client and the mobile client will not recognize letter input or recognize clicks. Also when the keyboard/trackpad is connected after the log in screen the screen will turn black and log me out.

30-May-2018 00:41:33



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I found a somewhat glitchy bank scrolling control. Everyone want a control to scroll anywhere in the bank and this is close!

If you hold 1 finger on the left side of your bank and then hold a finger outside of the bank (not inventory) then drag your left finger anywhere in the bank it will scroll but it's kinda glitchy. Like sliding finger down makes bank scroll up and vice versa. It also works on the chat box.

Is this the answer to everyone's bank scrolling control request?

EDIT: didnt realize i was actually pinching the screen. it works but its an awkward way to scroll

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