Ipad 4th gen 10.3.3 not workin

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Hello. I was able to load both the testflight app and the osrs app but the osrs app black screens then crashing on loading. factory reset the device reinstalled same issue. any help?

30-Aug-2018 17:56:41



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I am having the same problem. Checked the compatibility and the iPad 4th Gen (wifi) is listed. Load the app and nothing but a black screen before an eventual crash. Updated to 10.3.3 as well. AKA Bjah

01-Nov-2018 20:31:27 - Last edited on 01-Nov-2018 20:31:56 by Quentilus



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I think that this has something to do with the recent update this thursday, it also made OSRS Mobile unaccesable / cant find it anymore from Google Play Store on Android, even though you have Android 5.01-8.01, as min. req. is 5.0+ and 1GB RAM. There has been made several topics about to the forums here, reddit etc, atleast one forum mod has replied that they'll look into it. I just hope it wont take several weeks to get this problem solved.

Thanks in advance to the team for solving this problem, waiting to see some solutuons! <3

25-Nov-2018 22:11:09

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