Continual Crashing on iPad Pro

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I love this game with all of my heart, I really do. Iíd even venture to say itís my favorite game ever, and Iíve played a lot of wonderful games during my 26 years alive. So, when OSRS Mobile was announced, I was absolutely over the moon because I always dreamed about having my favorite PC game ever in my pocket at all times. When it finally launched on iPhone, I was blown away by the polish the dev team was able to deliver the app with. I couldnít have dreamed of a better result, especially after fearing of a clunky mess.

With the game running almost flawlessly on all supported iPhone models, I was sure that the experience would be the same on my 3rd Gen 12.9Ē iPad Pro, just on the much larger screen. And, at first, it was. I quickly found the iPad Pro as my favorite device to play OSRS on as it felt smoother than my PC since it runs the game at 60 FPS and had an elegant touch-centric UI that really felt magical. With a physical keyboard attached, this really felt like a futuristic laptop that ran a touch-friendly version of runescape. And, with it folded away, it felt like a handheld window into Gielinor. This was one of the few times Iíve been hyped for a game release and was not at all disappointed.

That is, until I went anywhere with a large population of people, especially PvP worlds, mini-games, or sometimes for no reason at all when the game decides to freeze and crash. Even though my 2018 iPad Pro has significantly more CPU and GPU power than even my iPhone 11 or XS Max, it has more stability issues than both of those phones combined. Actually, Iíve never been able to replicate the same crashing issues on my iPhones no matter how much I try, which goes to show the amazing work the dev team is capable of.

I know these fixes often take dozens of hours and frustrating labor, but youíd make a 15 year veteran of the game so happy if he could play on his iPad without fear of it crashing every day.

Sorry for the book. Back to cutting magic trees :)

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Hey Mr Clarinet,

If you have a moment, please fill out the form in the Reporting Mobile Crashes thread. The more details you provide can better help Jagex.

It's been known that tablet users may experience some issues as the game is not yet optimized for tablet devices (development was first focused around mobile phone devices.) It seems like a recent update may have setback the compatibility on iPads.

For the time being, please try the various suggestions mentioned in the Improve Mobile Performance article.

Hopefully they'll have an update on the situation soon,
Good vibes and high tides.

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