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since the last update, when i click on 'Continue with RuneScape account' on the frontpage of the runescape oldschool mobile app, it redirects me to a webpage through my browser after the quick message 'Connecting to Jagex'.
So when i put my ID on this website and click 'Log in', it redirects me on another webpage, still in the browser, at ... and it doesn't log me into the app at all.

I cannot play anymore since I can't connect to my account, please fix this log in issue.

(already posted yesterday in 'can't access app', I post again for more visibility since no answer)

Thank you

10-Dec-2020 01:37:07

Nov Member 2020


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I'm having a similar issue on my mobile OSRS. I accidentally signed out somehow, so now when I attempt to login. It says I can "Continue with Google" or "Continue with Runescape account". I "Continue with Runescape account" and it redirects me to Jagex. I can't login with my google since I don't have access to my original email.

Regardless, I don't understand why the normal login/password boxes don't show up when trying to login. Hope this is fixed soon.

10-Dec-2020 16:16:24



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I have the exact same issue. On my tablet, After opening the app and in login screen i have 2 options log in through google account or login through runescape account. i click login through runescape account and it redirects to a website on runescape asking me to login there and when i do it says invalid login details even though it is 100% correct (hence why I'm logged in now on my PC).

11-Dec-2020 21:03:01

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I'm having the same issue, I have not been able to log in on my tablet for 2 days. Either I get refunded my membership, they fix this stupid issue that has been happening to people for YEARS or I'm done with OSRS. The support from Jagex is atrocious and possibly the worst of any game I've played.

14-Dec-2020 10:58:32



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Let us spell this out again:

On our mobile devices since the holiday update, we CANNOT LOG IN.
Everytime you press "continue with runescape account" on the mobile app it REDIRECTS US to
The runescape web page and every time you go back to the app it's just a button that says "continue with runescape account" which will AGAIN JUST REDIRECT US BACK. WE CANNOT LOG IN AND I'M GLAD I'M NOT THE ONLY ONE WITH THIS ISSUE! I have played runescape for 12 years and was a beta tester for the mobile app. This is NOT an operator error, this is happening on BOTH of my mobile devices, it is THE APP DOING THIS!

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