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Device Name : HP Chromebook 11 G5 / 11-vxxx
Model : HP Chromebook 11 G5
Manufacturer : Google
Device : setzer_cheets
Board : setzer
Hardware : cheets
Brand : google
Build Fingerprint : google/setzer/setzer_cheets:9/R89-13729.29.0/7141391:user/release-keys
USB Host : Not Supported

Android Version : 9
Version Name : Pie
Released Date : August 09, 2018
Code Name : Pie
*PI Level : 28
Security Patch Level : 2021-02-05
Bootloader : unknown
Build Number : R89-13729.29.0 release-keys
Baseband :
Java VM : 2.1.0
Kernel : 4.19.166-10968-gb6ba7c0eef6e
Language : English (en_US)
OpenGL ES : 3.1
Root Access : No
SELinux : Unable to determine
Treble : Not Supported
Seamless Updates : Not Supported


Been using this device for a long while now without any problem. today i woke up to a message saying error and client needs updated. I go to playstore and discover this app is not available on your device.

So what's up?

oh thats right it never was in playstore...downloaded and installed apk from net

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Device name: Iphone 6s plus
Model Number: FKUF2RU/A
Location: Greece
Wifi: Yes
Cellular: 4G
Data Provider: Three
OS version: 14.4.1

The app performing not bad;
with zooming out lagging slightly;
The map has huge lags, which not appear in Runescape 3 however,
in old school runescape i have uncomfort even opening it, also it has black spots on south side of the map, which i couldn't fix reinstalling, and it's still very laggy.

Fix the map performance please.

In addition, sometimes single tap mode turns off on itself without a reason.

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Device name: Amazon Fire HD 10 (7th gen)
Model Number: SL056ZE
Location: UK
Wifi: Yes
Cellular: WIFI
OS: Fire OS
OS version: 5 6 9 0 (Lollipop 5.1)

Since the latest update the app now crashes trying to open it. Was working before the newest update. Have tried deleting and reinstalling the app from the google playstore.
I found this thread on reddit of other users of the same device having this issue.

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Same setup and experience as BAZ M8.

Side-loaded Google play infrastructure years ago and have been playing both the OSRS beta and Runescape apps without issue. Now the Runescape app no longer shows up in the Play Store for my device though it requires an update, and OSRS beta, while it updated to the August 19th, 2021 version, it no longer runs. No message at all. Just a flash of blank screen and nothing.

Since neither Runescape nor OSRS were ever available in the Amazon App Store, we are kind of stuck.

Focusing on phones seems a bit weird to me given that game play is quite challenging on a small screen. Hope they sort this out.

07-Sep-2021 19:25:21

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