[BUG] Tourist Trap

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Sorry of this is the wrong forum, this is my first post in I do not know how many years.

Last week I discovered moble and have been back at it since. I started skilling up and now questing. Tonight, I was working on Tourist Trap when it bugged out on me. Just before I could put Anna in the cart she didnt appear in my inventory or any of the barrels around the winch. Shes not in the cave and now I can't complete this quest. Needless to say it's very aggravating. I'm making the community aware of such bug and hope it gets patched. I've submitted a ticket to the mods via the in-game report function with details leading up to the quest being bugged.

21-Nov-2018 06:12:02

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I am currently having an issue with Tourist Trap. I got Ana into a barrel, onto the minecart, up the winch, but I missed the cart and proceeded to walk out of the mining camp, of course, this resulted in getting jailed and losing my Ana in a barrel. After spending some time looking for Ana and troubleshooting I found myself here. Cool. I waited a day, got some levels, picked up my battlestaves and came back after the daily reset. Ana is still nowhere to be found. Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you. ^_^ Happy Questing! ^_^

18-Mar-2020 06:26:34

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i also seem to be having the issue. i completed the jailbreak and it says it the notes. "go to anas mother for the reward" i do and shes her normal basket case and doesn't seem to realize i saved her daughter. the cart driver is now unresponsive and the barrels are nowhere to be showing her. is jagex aware of this??

21-Sep-2021 21:37:13

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