OSRS Newb Help Initiative

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Newb Help Initiative

Hello and welcome to this shiny thread :).


We've all been newbs and many of us have already been returners needing to start from scratch maybe not remembering a lot about the old RuneScape. Getting your first money is hard. Getting your first amour is hard. And if you are using ranged or magic getting the arrows or runes is hard. Therefore there's the newb help initiative!

What we do

We give away free stuff for newbs. Only the basic amour you need as a newb. Not more, not less. This includes
- full iron amour
- iron longsword
- full leather amour
- short bow
- 250 arrows
- full mage set (robe top, blue skirt, blue wizard hat)
- 500 mind runes
- staff of air

This is given entirely for free to newbs we find at Lumbridge. We use crowded worlds, look for a level 3 or close to level 3 without amour and give him the newb package.

How to participate

You can do this all around the clock but there's a reoccurring event every Thursday. Just join the clan chat "Liebster" and log in on a world where there isn't anybody giving away free stuff yet. If you can not afford free amour every week you can only participate once a month for example. If you want to hold the event during a different time go ahead and post here. I might publish date & time then here within the first posts. If you can not afford free stuff at all, pm me in-game and we'll find a solution. :)

When is the event?


18:00 Game Time


Different, crowded worlds
OSRS Newb Help Initiative

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What is in for me?

You get a good feeling that you helped someone. You did a good deed. You feel less noobish and you can add the players you helped to your friends list. You may be acting as a tutor from then on. You can also recruit new clan mates that way. Once the newb is able to join a clan chat you may ask him/her to join yours.

Thread Rules

No begging within this thread

If you want the free stuff we are giving away then just add me to your friends list and be online during the event. You then can see on which world I am and there I'll give you the free stuff. (only one time) There's no need for begging within this thread and it is not welcomed here.

Let me play this game like I want to play it

Maybe you feel a "Newb Help Initiative" is going too far and giving away free stuff makes me a wbm or a silly boy or whatsoever. I do not care. You can keep this negative opinion to yourself. Everything else is an attempt to destroy this event (thread) which could be an awesome initiative to make new players stay and experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

No Rules discussions

I know drop parties are not allowed. I know that this could be a grey area. But I looked at the forum specific rules and there's none forbidding this initiative. If it gets closed, it gets closed. But that decision and posting about it is up to a mod.

You may now post :)
OSRS Newb Help Initiative

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